I'll be teaching you EVERYTHING I've done to grow my business over the years.

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    Chapter 1: Your BRAND needs to know WHY!

    • Start With Why! FREE PREVIEW
    • Who are you talking to?
    • The importance of your logo for branding.
    • Why you NEED to brand your postal packages.
    • Should you buy stickers for your brand?
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    Chapter 2: What's your brand's personality? (Does it speak to anyone besides you?)

    • Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • The Personal Style:
    • The Collective Style:
    • The Fictitious Style:
    • In Summery:
    • What style are you using for your business?
    • Explaining This To An Old Man (Explicit)
    • Outro
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    Chapter 3: Emails / Abandoned Cart Recovery (Get back that money you lost!)

    • Make your emails personal!
    • Discount Codes Can Be A Trap
    • Text Recovery Theory
    • Email Capture is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!
    • Ad: Post Office Run
    • Abandoned Cart Outro
    • Our abandoned cart emails made us $80k FREE PREVIEW
    • 234K from emails in 2020
    • Selling is not what's important.
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    Chapter 4: How To Create ENJOYABLE content!

  • 5

    Chapter 5: The Advertising Platforms (How to reach your audience through targeting)

  • 6

    Chapter 6: You Need A Youtube Channel!!!

    • Start a channel today! You NEED this for your brand!
    • Seriously, start a channel right now!
    • Become your own BIGGEST influencer.
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    Chapter 281.330.8004: Miscellaneous

    • Here's an app for texting (Non-Website Specific)
    • Use QR codes to get more traffic
    • Using Instagram Promo Pages (What to look out for)
    • Social Media Influencers Are Worth It!
    • Don't get finessed by large IG accounts.